KDDI Secure Access

Get secure and easy remote access to your Cloud services and Web Systems anywhere, anytime

Enable remote access to your cloud services and web systems, including Google Apps, Office 365, etc. Perfect for BYOD and remote work.

Got problems? We've got solutions!

I want to get all my cloud services integrated and enhance security.

I want to avoid the risk of information leaking when losing my devices.

It is a hassle to manage all my ID and password for each of my cloud services.

Integration of remote access path using browser with built in VPN - for enhanced security

KDDI Secure Access uses a private browser gateway to connect to cloud and web systems. By restricting access to specific IP addresses, and integrating the remote access path, you can use the cloud service securely.

Not a single piece of data left on the devices, secure for both users and admin

The secure browser restricts users from downloading files, saving them, and sending files to any other application. Because no data is left on the devices, users can remotely and securely access cloud services, including groupware, web mail and web systems. Supported devices include Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android.

Single Sign-On function makes ID and password management easier

WIth our Single Sign-On (SSO), you can access all cloud services with one ID and password. This reduces the burden of having to manage each ID and password to your cloud and web system accounts.

What is KDDI Secure Access?

An easy-to-use remote access service which enables you to get connected to cloud services and office web systems securely. You can connect just by loging in to the system from any browser application on your PC, tablet or smarphone. No need to connect via a VPN.

Equipped with this high performance service, you do not need to spend any resources on system construction or operation as everything is cloud based. Services are provided for just a simple monthly charge.

Features, System Requirements

Features Details
Standard Browser Tab browsing, file viewing functions.
Protected Area Access from other applications and data sharing are restricted. Data saving from protected area to unprotected area is restricted.
Clear Cache Clear cache when closing browser.
User Authentication User authentication via ID and Password. Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP/LDAPS are optional.
Policy Control Access restriction according to policies.
Single Sign-On (SSO) Single Sign-On in transparent mode (URL conversion or agent installation are not required). Basic authentication, Form authentication, HTTP Header authentication are available.
Access Restriction Restrict access to specific systems for specific users.
Certification (Optional) Providing device authentication with certification.
System Requirements
Items Contents  
Model PC/AT Compatible
OS 32 Bit64 Bit
  Windows 7 Home Premium(SP1)
Home Premium(SP1)
  Windows 8 Core edition
Core edition
  Windows 8.1 Core edition
Core edition
  Windows 10 Home
Language English/Japanese
Protocol IPv4
Others - Internet Explorer 9/10/11 must be installed.
- Redistributable .NET Framework 4.5, Visual Studio 2012 Visual C++ are required.
- If redistributable .NET Framework 4.5 or Visual Studio 2012 Visual C++ are not already installed, they will be installed during the installation of Secure Browser Pro.

Note: SecureBrowser
"Pro" use the same rendering engine as the OS standard web browser to display.
Depending on the OS type and version, device, and settings, the actual operation and display may differ.

  • * IA64 is not supported.
  • * For 64Bit OS, operation will be supported with WOW64
  • * Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 is not supported.
  • * Windows RT is not supported.
  • * If there is no note indicated, "Windows 8" refers to all version of Windows 8, and "Windows 8.1" refers to all version of "Windows 8.1".


Usage Fee (Taxes not included)
Service Set-up fee Monthly fee
Secure One Please inquire us for pricing.
Optional Services
Service Contents Set-up fee Monthly fee
Account Settings
(Only for initial set-up)
Single Sign-On settings for sites designated by customers*1 Please inquire us for pricing.
SSO Site Settings
(Only for initial set-up)
Account registration*1 Please inquire us for pricing.
  • *1 Information required during initial set-up will be provided by customers
  • *2 Tax will be added according to your country's tax rules

Notice of Maintenance, System Failure


There is no maintenance scheduled at the moment.

System Failure

There is no system failure occurred at the moment.

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