KDDI Website Scanner

Minimize damage to your website by quickly detecting any defacement

The number of third-party website *crackers has increased significantly over the past years. KDDI Website Scanner will help to remotely monitor your website around the clock – quickly detecting any *crackers and immediately reporting to the website owner. This will prevent you losing your website users’ trust.

Got problems? We've got solutions!

If my website were to be defaced, I’m afraid I will not notice immediately.

I need security measures for attacks on middleware.

I want to use remote a monitoring service without having to purchase special equipment, such as servers.

Automatic detection for unnoticeable web defacement

KDDI Website Scanner automatically detects defacing attempts - even those that are not easily noticed, such as malicious scripts.

The quickest action after detecting web defacement

The 24 hour website monitoring system enables us to take quick action against any website *crackers to prevent your website’s damage from spreading.

No need to purchase and maintain any equipment

Remove the burden of having to hire web specialists or web maintenance personnel. With KDDI Website Scanner, you don't need to purchase any equipment, or software, which will help you to reduce expenditure.

What is KDDI Website Scanner?

KDDI Website Scanner is a web defacement auto-detection service, operated remotely through the cloud. Web defacement is ranked third out of the top 10 website threats, and attacks are usually on vulnerabilities in middleware, which makes it difficult to completely avoid. In many cases, web defacement causes a big loss of credibility for companies With KDDI Website Scanner, you can minimize the risk and take security measures to protect your website from *crackers.

*A cracker here means someone who breaks into a network system and makes unauthorized changes.

System Requirements

Your web server must be advertised over the public Internet.
No need to change the settings of your web server or install any software.


Features Details
Regular monitoring of website Monitor the website on a regular basis
Acquisition and analysis of website link structures Analyze the website content and links to find any dead link or error in content.
Setting of web portal interface Provide portal, register the website, and other interface settings.
Email notification Send an email notification to the designated email if any web defacement is detected.
Change history Show history of web content revision, date and time of web threats, change of URLs, etc.
Monthly report Report monthly on all events.


  • Service is provided for a monthly charge.
  • Monthly charge depends on the number of target files.
  • The number of files is derived from URLs which are specified by user and displayed on the portal.
  • Please contact us about detail of a monthly charge.


No maintenance scheduled currently.

System Issues

No issues currently reported.

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