China Acceleration

Faster content delivery in China

Service overview

Our unique platform with 25 points of presence in China improves the speed of content delivery to users in China.

  • *CDNetworks possess their own independent delivery network in China, making them unique in the CDN industry.


Extensive delivery platform located in China

With an extensive and ever-expanding delivery platform of over 25 points of presence in mainland China and a network capacity of 55 Gbps, this service ensures fast and secure delivery of content to China from overseas.

Local system

Our Chinese-affiliated company monitors trends in the Chinese Internet industry and changes in regulatory status, allowing us to provide support that minimizes the impact of the changing situation on your business.

  • *Customers are required to apply for one of the following services in order to get above optional service.
  • *– Content Acceleration
  • *– Dynamic Web Acceleration
  • *– Dynamic Network Acceleration

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