KDDI IoT Cloud Standard

One-stop solutions from IoT devices to cloud infrastructure to data visualization!

Maximize the use of your on-site sensors and surveillance cameras. Increase your work efficiency, reduce your costs and maximize sales revenue by utilizing functions such as customizable screens and document forms.

How KDDI IoT Cloud Standard supports your daily operations

Keep your temporary sites secure

  • Event venues, temporary sites
  • On-site traffic conditions
  • Office during maintenance periods

Increase security of your offices and factories

  • Offices and reception
  • Factories and warehouses
  • 24/7 video surveillance of your car park

Use for remote monitoring

  • Equipment located in physically separate areas
  • Water level monitoring of rivers and streams
  • Plant growth monitoring (e.g. in greenhouses)

Key points of KDDI IoT Cloud Standard Camera package

KDDI's secure cloud platform allows you to store recorded video on KDDI's IoT Cloud Standard servers for easy access from any browser-capable device. To view the cloud data, you simply need to access the console using your unique user login authentication over the web.

Cloud based recording

Videos are sent over a secure network and stored in the cloud server for, in general, 30 days (up to a maximum of 90 days). During this time, you can access the data anytime from the administrator’s screen. There is no need for you to install your own recording equipment.

Smooth setup

Hassle-free setup – simply install the camera and login to the administrator’s website from your computer or smartphone.

Contracts and Technical Support

First-class customer support
KDDI provides support both before and after installation of our services. Our presence globally enables us to support you wherever you are located to your Japan Headquarters and to your international offices in the local language.

Global Contracts
You can choose to manage all your affiliates’ contracts as one single international contract with Headquarters, or contract separately with each office around the world. We will work flexibly to fit your business needs and your budget.

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