KDDI begins accepting trial applications for IoT Worldwide Architecture

KDDI Corporation June 07, 2018

Leveraging Hitachi’s Lumada to help customers make value from their IoT data

KDDI Corporation (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President: Makoto Takahashi; hereafter “KDDI”) will on May 15, 2019, begin accepting applications for commercial trials of “IoT Worldwide Architecture”*1, which provides a range of services from worldwide connections for IoT devices to data leveraging, to help with the laws and regulations involved with using IoT in various countries.

KDDI’s IoT Worldwide Architecture provides three services that solve issues facing corporations that are expanding globally and provide powerful support for customers’ business revolutions and project expansions.

With IoT Worldwide Architecture, KDDI’s global IoT project partner*2 Hitachi, Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; CEO: Toshiaki Higashihara; hereafter “Hitachi”) uses the rich database of use-cases and solutions stored for its “Lumada”*3 service that accelerates digital innovation to support customers in deriving value from their IoT data.

1. Data storage and leveraging service

To allow companies to better deal with the GDPR and other such laws faced when expanding to other nations' markets, KDDI IoT Worldwide Architecture provides a foundation for data storage and leveraging. Using the technology and knowledge of its Lumada service, Hitachi has built the data storage and leverage foundation of IoT Worldwide Architecture, making the collection and storage of globally-deployed IoT devices simple. Even if data is stored in separate regions, it can be gathered into one spot when needed, and managed centrally.

Furthermore, collected data is re-organized to an easily analyzable form and made visual for analysts. Lumada's rich collection of use cases and solutions supports application development and deployment, as well as effective usage of IoT data, such as analysis of IoT device operation status or positional tracking.

  • We provide extensive support for customers' data usage, from the planning stage to the operation stage.
  • We provide a consulting service on data usage.
  • We can handle work required for using public cloud services in place of the customer.
  • IoT Worldwide Architecture can easily be used with other companies' software and the customer' existing assets.
  • Centralized management of globally-deployed IoT devices is possible.

2. Aggregation service for global communications

We are able to provide optimal networks to customers for global deployment of IoT devices through direct connections to local partners and use of roaming businesses, while meeting requirements for local circumstances, circuit numbers. Customers can manage their devices centrally through us, without needing to individually negotiate contracts with telecom carriers in each country or worry about different IoT management environments per telecom carrier.

  • * Supported transmissions are data transmissions (2G/3G/LTE) and SMS.
  • * Supported transmissions may differ depending on the local telecommunications environment. KDDI and local partner telecoms’ SIMs (including eSIMs) are provided through KDDI (including KDDI local branches)
  • * Whether KDDI or a local partner's SIM is provided depends on the local telecommunications environment.
  • * As of March 2019, connections are provided to over 120 countries (includes both direct connections to local carriers and roaming)

3. Local laws and regulations, accreditation service

In order to deploy IoT devices globally, compliance with the rules and regulations of each country is necessary. KDDI uses its global career business knowledge built up over many years and its relations with businesses around the world to provide research into countries' legal requirements and obtain accreditation for customers to operate locally, enabling it to provide effective, speedy support for customers' global deployments.

  • Researching frequency requirements and relevant laws and regulations*4 and applying on behalf of customers
  • Acquiring IoT device accreditation for customers

KDDI will work with Hitachi and other business partners to advance the usage of the Worldwide IoT Architecture, in a wide variety of industries, including industrial machinery and factory production equipment and social infrastructure such as energy and transportation, to move forward with its global IoT project of creating new value from the various data borne from equipment and devices.

For the 3 days from April 10 through April 12, 2019, KDDI ran a booth at 2019 Japan IT Week, held at Tokyo Big Site, at the 8th “8th IoT/M2M exhibit”. At the KDDI booth, the IoT Worldwide Architecture, 5G and IoT were introduced through a hands-on exhibit, and KDDI's plans for the realization of a new world-view on communications in the 2020s was introduced.

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