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  • KDDI Announced Resale Partnership with Zscaler, Inc. -Domestic provision of the cloud-based security service “Zscaler with KDDI”-

KDDI Announced Resale Partnership with Zscaler, Inc. -Domestic provision of the cloud-based security service “Zscaler with KDDI”-

KDDI Corporation
KDDI Digital Security Inc.
July 17, 2019

KDDI Corporation (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President: Makoto Takahashi) and Zscaler, Inc. (HQ: San Jose, California, United States) entered into a reseller contract on June 14, 2019, to provide within Japan the cloud-based security service “Zscaler with KDDI”, a solution that enables Internet connections with on-premises-level security. KDDI and KDDI Digital Security Inc. (HQ: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President: Masaru Morioka; hereafter “KDS”) will provide the service as resellers, supporting customers using SaaS environments.

For many corporations promoting changes such as increased productivity through using remote work environments, work transformations, and global deployment, and using cloud services and local breakout to achieve these, maintaining a high level of security has become an issue. For corporations to achieve sustainable growth, defense against cyber-attacks for their locations around the globe and high-quality, effective security services have become more important.

The cloud of Zscaler, Inc., which provides the world’s largest cloud-based cyber security service, maintains a high level security for Internet use and can flexibly adjust to customers’ demands. Through “Zscaler with KDDI” environment, the customer will, through unified governance, strengthen corporate customers’ security environments at their domestic and overseas locations.

KDDI provides one-stop access to highly expandable networks and mobile service, as well as secure cloud services. It gives strong support for the creation of customer Internet environments that enable connecting to Zscaler, Inc.’s cloud over high-quality access circuits and using the Internet with peace of mind.

KDS is a joint venture between KDDI and LAC that specializes in security and provides overall security solutions, including installation support, Japanese-language support, active notifications of faults and maintenance, and from installation through to operation, lessens the overall security workloads of customers. Going forward, they are considering providing together with a security monitoring service a network monitoring service that enables network monitoring from the customer’s Internet environment, through Zscaler, to the accessed destinations.

"Zscaler is delighted to be partnering with KDDI and KDS to support Japanese and Global enterprise customers", said Al Caravelli, Vice President of Worldwide Global Alliances and Channels at Zscaler. "Coupled with integration of SD-WAN to deliver local breakouts from office locations, Zscaler and KDDI will, through the “Zscaler with KDDI” solution, provide fast and reliable connections to the Internet and business-critical applications while protecting data. We look forward to the partnership turning companies’ digital transformation plans into reality.”

KDDI and KDS are contributing to corporate customers’ business and creating new valuable experiences.
For details, please see the URL below:

Cloud-based security service "Zscaler with KDDI” service summary

In addition to security features found in regular proxy filtering services, such as URL filtering, antivirus protection, and anti-spyware protection, “Zscaler with KDDI” includes features such as detection of threats within SSL transmissions, policy controls, protection against advanced/unknown threats, sandboxing, bandwidth controls and firewall functionality. In addition to selectable subscription bundles, needed features can be optionally added for further functionality.

KDDI and KDS also provide Japanese technical support, and through SI provisions, aid customers in smoothly transitioning from their existing environment to using the Zscaler cloud service.


For price details, please contact a KDDI Japan domesic sales representative.


Please send inquiries via the “Zscaler with KDDI” product website, or contact a KDDI Japan domestic sales representative.

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