KDDI announces KDDI GX Platform

KDDI CORPORATION January 18, 2019

Integrated Management Solution for Corporate Customers Overseas

Tokyo, Jan 18, 2019 - KDDI has introduced the KDDI GX (Global Exchange) Platform, providing overseas corporate customers with centralized support across a range of solutions including network, security, RPA (robotic process automation), IoT and others.

The KDDI GX Platform will initially be offered across the ASEAN region covered by KDDI Singapore, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, and the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

For Japanese firms operating overseas, working in local IT environments is often an essential concern. Issues include relocation and human resource management, outsourcing operations management, minimizing infrastructure cost, and optimizing management, governance, and IT security, while advances in information technology require stable IT personnel in each country to maintain the IT environment.

KDDI is responding to customer concerns by enabling a uniform response to these issues and making the KDDI GX Platform available. Through the integration of a full range of IT-related issues facing customers with operations overseas, the GX Platform will provide powerful operational support for a spectrum of solutions including IoT and RPA, in addition to establishing the necessary IT environments.

Clients deploying the KDDI GX Platform will be able to concentrate IT-related resources on the expansion of core business operations, as the platform enables services common to each country, while fully outsourcing operations and management. With the GX Platform, staffing can be optimized as well as costs minimized.

As the KDDI Group works to achieve its goal of "integrating telecommunications and life design," it will continue to be a company that offers exciting new ideas and creates new customer experience value through powerful support for the global business implementation of our corporate customers.

About the KDDI GX Platform


By providing Internet connectivity, we enable access to common services. We can help with issues that corporate customers face in each country by supporting the optimization of human resource management, outsourcing of operations management, minimization of infrastructure costs, and IT governance and security. Through staff optimization and cost minimization, clients can concentrate resources for establishing an IT environment on the expansion of core business operations.


  1. The KDDI GX Platform can be used anywhere an Internet environment is in place.
    (Note: Some services are unavailable in certain countries.)
  2. No initial investment required and services can be used for a monthly user fee.
    (Note: Some services may incur one-time fees, depending on content.)
  3. Clients can select only the services they need according to their IT environments.
  4. Services can be expanded or reduced according to the client IT environment.

Key service offerings

  1. KDDI Managed Services

    • Remote monitoring of all services and devices on the network
    • Maintenance, support and problem solving for clients through flexible menu
    • Complete IT operations and management, from PC to server
  2. UiPath with KDDI

    • Boosted productivity with UiPath robotic process automation (RPA)
    • RPA engineers stationed throughout Southeast Asia region
    • Full global robotic process control including data center, cloud and network
    • Start small with tailored service implementation plans for each customer
  3. SORACOM with KDDI

    • SORACOM powerful IoT platform, available in over 100 countries
    • Flexible device support and applications compatibility responds to all needs
    • Secure transmission of client data, device management and cloud integration
  4. Zscaler with KDDI

    • Zscaler, world’s largest cloud-based web security platform
    • Provides multi-layered security against diversifying online threats
    • Multi-device and location-free, protects across users, devices and locations
    • Protects from even the most advanced and complicated cyber-attacks
  5. KDDI Cloud Inventory

    • Centralized IT inventory and management platform
    • Global endpoint management covering smartphones, virtual machines and more
    • Capable of handling large-scale global systems, providing diverse security options
    • Detects, prevents and removes targeted attacks, ransomware, unknown malware

Service area

Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. A phased roll out of services is planned.

Service launch date

January 18, 2019

Visit the KDDI Singapore website for more information on services:

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