NYIIX Offered by Telehouse America Announces Major Consolidation and Service Expansion

TELEHOUSE America February 12, 2019

NEW YORK, February 12, 2019 TELEHOUSE America, a KDDI Group company and the global leader for data centers, international internet exchanges and managed IT services, today announces several major changes to their New York NYllX peering network exchange via further consolidation and expansion under the NYllX umbrella. NYIIX is one of the larges peering exchanges in USA and one of the largest neutral internet exchange (IX) points in the world.

As global enterprise data transfer needs expand in the digital age, internet exchanges are adapting to provide greater service offerings as well as connections in numerous ways. NYllX is among those leading the way with the recent announcement that they are expanding with fabric deployment to Netrality Properties locations in Philadelphia. Telehouse-owned NYllX is expected to open a new location to be known as NYIIX Philadelphia as part of an expansion plan to close the gap between the NYC Area and Virginia.

With more than 90 network operators, Netrality Properties’ 401 North Broad is a major international gateway and colocation data center between Manhattan and Virginia. The Telehouse fabric buildout to the North Broad location as well as NYllX Philadelphia are part of an IX expansion to further tap into Philadelphia market where strong demands exist to keep local traffic local and extensive eyeballs are looking for quality contents.

Telehouse will also be retiring the LAllX name for its Los Angeles Peer exchange in February which will be rebranded as NYIlX Los Angeles. This change is part of the global IX and data center leader’s consolidation and increased customer service offering and connectivity plan to better meet the needs of east and west coast customers. The name change will signal the new service changes in New York and LA where LA Telehouse is introducing NYIIX Marketplace to increase carrier/ ISP and Enterprise participation and increase value of services available through NYIIX Fabric.

According to Akio Sugeno, Vice President of Internet Engineering, Operations, Business Development at Telehouse America, the consolidation and service expansion moves in February and March of 2019 are part of the company’s ongoing development to meet changing data transport and connectivity needs for an expanding customer base operating in the US and globally:

“The role of internet exchanges is becoming more vital to business digital transformation through greater connectivity and services,” said Akio Sugeno. Our deployment of Telehouse NYIIX Fabric to Netrality Properties 401 North Broad data center locations as well as New York and Los Angeles enable us to better meet the needs through even more robust exchange connectivity and services to server customer needs in those markets. With the NYllX Marketplace, customers will be able to utilize their ports for both selling and buying services available from exchange members.”

For more information on Telehouse NYllX Peering Exchange, visit https://www.nyiix.net.

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