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KDDI, the Leading Wholesale Carrier in Asia and beyond

Active in over 190 countries, we cover the world.

Voice Wholesale

KDDI, a leading telecommunications provider in the global voice wholesale market, is transmitting 14 billion minutes a year with 600 worldwide partners. Backed by our extensive experience in the voice business, KDDI offers a wide range of voice solutions for various needs from PTTs, MNOs, CATVs, OTTs and any sort of service providers.

With 24x7 monitoring of your traffic, KDDI ensures your business runs reliably.


  • Extensive Experience: over half a century's experience in the voice business
  • Service Classes: Standard, Premium and Customized services with flexible routing
  • Quality Management: SLA, Monitoring 24x7, Web Reporting Service

Product Features

  • CLI : Including CLIP and CLIR (destinations available upon request)
  • Quality Measurement: ALOC,ASR,ABR,NER,PDD,PGD
  • Interconnection Type: SIPv2 and H.323
  • Codec: G.729,G.711 and cover many others

POP Location

Tokyo/Osaka (Japan), Los Angeles (USA) and London (UK)

Message from Yasuyuki Koide, former COO, Carrier Business (now CEO, KDDI Global, LLC)

Data Wholesale

KDDI delivers a wide range of global telecommunication services for carriers;

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