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Data Wholesale

KDDI provides high-quality, high-functionality global services for international telecommunication businesses. KDDI is involved in wholesale business covering a variety of products and services, such as network circuit service within Japan, PoPs, colocation and backhaul circuits.

Description of services

Network circuit wholesale in Japan

We provide a variety of network and Internet circuit services for international telecoms wishing to be resellers for KDDI products in Japan.

  • “KDDI Wide Area Virtual Switch”: A network service that unites wide Ethernet (L2) and IP-VPN (L3)
  • “Powered Ethernet”: A wide Ethernet (L2) network service
  • “Internet Gateway”: A guaranteed-bandwidth-type Internet circuit
  • “Ether Economy”: A best effort-type Internet circuit

Global services

KDDI provides highly reliable network services in over 190 countries around the world. We also provide a wide variety of network services to customers wanting to be resellers of KDDI products outside Japan.

Backhaul services

We provide dark fiber and wide-bandwidth dedicated lines (1G to 100G) for telecoms’ backbone networks in Japan.

Colocation services

KDDI provides network PoPs for international telecoms at data centers under the brand name of TELEHOUSE, with 24-hour, 365-day Japan-style, high-quality operational and warranty service.

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