KDDI Global Security Appliance (GSA)

Next Generation Firewall Service with Network


To improve your global network’s security governance, KDDI offers a next generation firewall as a service from Telehouse.


Detail of functions

In addition to standard function ,such as Internet Firewall, IDS/IPS, Anti Virus and URL Filtering、KDDI can provide the following function and services.

1:Sandbox (Cloud Service)

Send the attached files at your mail or downloaded files to Sandbox at your network, KDDI GSA can analyze the safety of every files fully and detect unknown malwares.

2:Customization Internet access destinations

Customer can access Website via the sites customer designs, such as accessing a application via Singapore and accessing Office365 server via US.

3:Monitoring security status

KDDI can provide these security solutions and services with SecureWorks,Inc has a lot of intelligent information.

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