We have improved management accuracy and reduced management person-hours by introducing an IT asset management solution!
Integrated management of IT assets across many offices

Integrated management of IT assets across many offices


Introduced service

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Client interview

Reason and background for adoption


Our IT department previously managed internal IT assets manually using management ledgers in multiple business offices, which required many person-hours and failed to achieve orderly management of IT assets.
In addition, because we have management offices and on-site offices in many locations, IT personnel had to visit each office as necessary.

Decisive Factor Behind the Introduction

After having multiple companies offer proposals, we chose KDDI Thailand as a business partner in consultation with the IT department at our Japan headquarters.

Mr. Takumi noted that they chose KDDI as a partner because KDDI made a prompt proposal that addressed their issues, provided excellent support, and gave them hope that they would continue to receive high-quality support in the future as well.

Planning Div. Manager
Yasuaki Takumi

Effects of the Introduction

Mr. Takumi said that the effect he noticed soon after introduction was the fact that they had succeeded in instant visualization of their IT assets.
Previously, they had to use asset management ledgers when checking which software was installed on PCs and whether necessary patches had been applied. After introducing this solution, however, they could check the status of each PC immediately and handle patches and Windows updates without omission.
Operations of IT personnel who used to visit each site can now be conducted remotely from the management console, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Mr. Takumi appreciates that KDDI introduced the solution much faster than the company expected even though the company had numerous production sites and construction sites where they were managing many PCs, and he also appreciates that the company can now grasp the progress and schedule of periodic meetings.

Comment from a KDDI representative

KDDI Thailand Engineer
Yuki Wasai

Thank you for introducing our solutions! I will be happy to continue to support you.

Customer profile


Head office
252 15th Floor SPE Tower, Phaholyothin Rd., Samsen nai, Phayathai, Bangkok Thailand 10400

As a multidiscipline engineering company, THAI SEMCON handles a wide variety of electrical engineering work, telecommunication work, and overall equipment work that involves electricity, air conditioning, and plant-related work in Thailand and abroad. Its business focuses on social infrastructure that is essential in our daily lives.
In Thailand, we handle the introduction of electrical equipment and systems to customers, primarily manufacturers.


PDF documentation can be downloaded for free

PDF documentation can be downloaded for free

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