Zojirushi America Corporation

Introduced Kintone as the company portal to digitalize the approval process

With Kintone as a starting point, the momentum to improve operations gathered strength across the company

Solved issues with Kintone

Issues before deployment

Various problems with being paper-based

Most of the application work was paper-based, congesting approval processes and making document management complex.

Higher workload for sales representatives

Sales representatives who were often away from the office could not file an application unless they were back at the office, which was physically challenging and involved time limits

Having normal operations disrupted by every application

The approver's work was disrupted every time representatives wanted approvals

Kintone solved all this!

Achieved paperless processes.
Approval processes are visualized and operations can proceed without delays in the approval processes.

Sales representatives are now able to claim expenses and file applications on the go, so they are less confined by time.

The approver is able to do the approval work at a time of their choosing, making the approval work more efficient.


Employee attendance is also visualized, making it easier for employees to cover each other when one is absent. It also enables them to take a holiday more easily, resulting in a better work environment.
Previously, an employee evaluation sheet was being circulated in Excel, but this often clogged the evaluation process.
After deploying Kintone, the record submission and evaluation status becomes clear, enabling timely aggregation.

Operational efficiency advanced with Kintone
Greatly contributing to a smooth transition to remote working

Kintone was adopted as a company portal to approve accounting and HR admin operations.
This enabled various divisions to submit requests, for improved operational efficiency.

For instance, the support center used to compile call records in Excel.
Sometimes the Excel files got damaged, and inquiries were submitted in un-templated, irregular forms, lacking uniformity and ease of viewing.
After migrating to Kintone, trends by product became instantly visible, resulting in improved operational efficiency.
Repair request acceptance was also migrated to Kintone. The operator entered the information on a tablet and could easily follow the status from acceptance of repair requests through return to customers.

Migrating to remote working due to COVID-19 pandemic was easy because the deployment of Kintone had already begun, enabling the company to smoothly transition to remote working, in addition to rapid progression of operations to Kintone. Divisions have begun to send in requests asking whether Kintone can be used for their operations, leading to more paper/email/Excel-based operations being migrated to Kintone.

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Founded in Los Angeles in 1985. They began selling tofu throughout the United States, which through the technology of Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd, could now be preserved for long periods of time. The Morinaga Milk Industry corporate group, of which Morinaga Nutritional Foods is a subsidiary, was founded in 1917, and in 2017 it passed a century of operation. With a new corporate slogan of “for shining smiles”, they work to contribute to a happy society.

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