KDDI Quality

KDDI has nurtured KDDI Quality with over 60 years of experiences and know-how about global IT business.

KDDI Global IP-VPN Network SLA 99.999%

KDDI provides "KDDI Global IP-VPN" network service which guarantees the highest level of quality in telecommunication industry. Our skilled engineers monitor and support network infrastructure globally 24/7 and we have achieved 99.999% availability.

To improve the network quality in South-east Asia, KDDI established Ho Chi Minh global operation center in Vietnam in 2013 to strengthen the relationship and enhance the communication with telecom carriers in Sourth-east Asia.

Telehouse Data Center Power Availability SLA 99.999%

KDDI has 47 data centers globally with the brand name "TELEHOUSE". Telehouse has its own "Telehouse Global guideline" which defines more than 200 items about data center specification and operation. All Telehouse data centers comply with the guideline and provide the same level of high quality services 24/7 globally.

Telehouse guarantees the highest level of SLA; 99.999% in power availability as our global standard and keeps trying to improve customer satisfaction from time to time.


Facility Specification Guideline

  • Data hall specification
  • Electrical & mechanical system
  • Cable management
  • Fire & water protection

Facility Operation Guideline

  • Facility maintenance rule
  • Maintenance risk assessment rule
  • Capacity management rule
  • Facility trouble shooting

Service Operation Guideline

  • Dailey operation rule
  • Security control rule
  • Access control rule
  • Basic service rule

KDDI Cloud Platform Service SLA 99.99%

"KDDI Cloud Platform Service" is KDDI's global cloud service. Its servers are located in our own Telehouse data centers and it has achieved the availability of 99.99%. Our globally standardized cloud platform enables customers to speed up system construction when expanding their business in different countries. Moreover, KDDI skilled engineers support the operation and maintenance phase after the construction.

  • *Citrix® CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack

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